A Little Message of Love
(Submitted by Autumn in Tennessee)

Five years ago I started my journey of recovery. About a year ago, a dear program friend and I were spending the day at a nearby lake. During a particular spiritual conversation, two white butterflies began to flutter around us. Over the past year, I began to notice butterflies everywhere and would feel a profound connection to how they played a part in my spiritual journey of recovery.

Several weeks ago, I was in a particularly vulnerable and unsafe place and was spending the day at a park when a huge black and blue butterfly fluttered past me and landed on a flower bush. I took notice and snapped a picture, feeling as though my higher power was reassuring me that I am loved and safe.

Then yesterday, while at work, my husband sent me a series of pictures of a bright yellow caterpillar he found on our back porch. Certain it would be gone when I got home, I didn't think much of it and went on with my day. By the time I got home several hours later, it had perched up on our back porch door and had begun to cocoon there overnight. After some research, we learned that he is a Spice Bush Swallowtail, and the exact same species of butterfly I saw at the park that day.

A believe this is a little message of love and encouragement to remind me of the journey through growth and transformation Feeling Grateful!

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