A Special Visit
(Submitted by Denise)

One day I was having a bad day and this butterfly, so beautiful and not knowing what kind she was, fluttered all the way around me as almost touching me from head to toe.

The butterfly had black tracing all the way around, yellow that was so vibrant and soft, and two orange dots at the very end of the wings.

I was so shocked I watched her flutter and I stuck my arm out and she almost landed. So I sat down and she sat down next to me and opened her wings and I actually caressed her wings as they were opened.

Then she fluttered around and landed and I opened my hand and she walked in my hand and then she fluttered away and repeatedly did the same thing.

Then as her wings closed I caressed her wings closed. Amazed, I got to take pictures of these moments. I was outside for awhile knowing that I was late to be somewhere.

I’ll never forget that day. Moments like these make you believe in the creator above is sending love your way. I know that day I felt love and peace with me all day.

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