Butterflies from Grandma
(Submitted by Elizabeth in Utah)

My grandma passed away when I was 10. My mom, grandma, sister and I were very close when she died and the death was especially hard on my mom. My grandma's favorite color was mauve, everything in her house was mauve, and a couple weeks after her funeral we saw a mauve rose pop up out in our backyard. We had never planted flowers and had never seen a rose back there. We had also never had seen a butterfly back there, but one day around the same time as the rose bloomed a large beautiful yellow and black butterfly came around.

This butterfly flew very close to us and would land right beside us. We knew my grandma had sent it down from heaven to give us comfort and to tell us she was happy. The yellow butterfly made us happy, it was in the backyard every day for a few weeks. Then we were outside watching it fly around and it flew off and never came back.

I later got this butterfly tattooed on my right shoulder. To this day whenever we see a yellow and black butterfly we know it's her. Butterflies now bring us comfort as well as happiness.

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