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The following stories have been shared by our visitors to bring hope, consolation and inspiration to others.

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Blue Passion Flowers
(Submitted by Bea in Arizona)

My Mother passed away in January 2016. I always plant flowers for her on Good Friday. This year my mother's neighbor planted a Blue Passion flower, which I had never seen before. I decided to get one and plant it in my mother's flower bed. About two weeks later I noticed caterpillars on the new flowers. Continue reading this story...


Monarch from a Good Friend
(Submitted by Tony (Frank) in Wisconsin)

I was walking with my adult Son to the Beacon Light at Two Rivers Wisconsin. This was the home of a very dear childhood friend who died weeks ago. I had just gone to see his cremains at the crematorium and was feeling very sad. We walked out to the beacon, which was about a block away on the breakwater, and I spent a few moments in thought about my friend. As we walked back my head hung down in sadness... Continue reading this story...


Butterfly from Curtis
(Submitted by Karen in Maryland)

Today the most beautiful thing happened. I was at the cemetery visiting my brother Curtis' grave. I left my mother at his grave and I begin to take a walk through the cemetery with my dog Jake. I looked up above and I asked my brother to send me a sign that he was OK. I said if he could just appear as a butterfly before me then that would be my sign letting me know that he was OK.

Then the most beautiful thing happened... Continue reading this story...


Gentle Inspiration
(Submitted by Kelly in New York)

I was out on my daily walk just a few days ago when I felt something land on the front of my shirt. I was scared, not realizing what it was at first, but when I looked down I saw this beautiful Monarch butterfly. It flew out in front of me and fluttered its wings for a few seconds before landing on someone's fence post. It posed for me and allowed me to take several pictures of it before flying away.

I don't think I can put into words how peaceful it was...absolutely beautiful! I have been going through some very difficult issues lately and this has definitely given me inspiration.

Message from a Monarch
(Submitted by Bruce in Florida)

My Mom passed away a few years ago after a long period of disability. Several days to a couple of weeks after that, a Monarch appeared whenever I was out in the back yard. This beautiful butterfly appeared virtually every day when I was out there.

One day, as if to send me a message, the Monarch came towards me and passed right between my legs as I was bending down to pull a couple of weeds. The Monarch continued to stay near me on a daily basis until it passed away.

A Good Sign
(Submitted by Renee in Texas)

I am going through lots of changes. My father passed in 2013, my mother is getting older, my children have left or are leaving home, I am middle aged and single, and I am moving to a new city and starting life over… once again. While I've been helping clean out my mother’s house/moving my things I've seen several butterflies. One even came and sat on my shoulder. I take it as a good sign--- I feel as if everything is going to be alright.

Yellow Butterfly from Mother
(Submitted by Marion in Colorado)

My mother passed on January 11, 2014. Every time I talk about her or mention her name, a beautiful yellow butterfly circles around my porch. I feel as though my mother is trying to let me know that she is doing well! I miss her so much, so when I am feeling depressed or sad I sit on my porch and speak her name and the pretty yellow butterfly appears!

Visit from a Father
(Submitted by Laurel in DC)

At my father’s burial someone pointed out to me that there were several butterflies that had gathered. I thought it was perhaps because of the flowers. Then about a week later I was outside, near where I work, and a butterfly landed on my arm. I felt it was a visit from my father.

A Sister's Presence
(Submitted by Sonia in California)

My beautiful and wonderful sister passed away recently-- she loved butterflies. The day of her burial, right over her casket, were two beautiful butterflies lingering over her casket. Since then I always feel her presence when butterflies come to my garden.

A Beautiful Monarch Butterfly Garden
(Submitted by Carmen from Florida)

In 2006, My father had passed away the week of Holy Week (the week leading into Easter). A few weeks later, On Memorial Day, I surprised my mother with a beautiful basket of monarch butterflies that we released at my father’s grave site. The butterflies lingered for a while. One butterfly landed on my head and stayed there for quite a while (we took pictures with mom and the grandchildren). Continue reading this story...

A Miracle on My Dining Room Table
(Submitted by Jane from Oklahoma)

Even as I write this, I have a plastic box on my dining room table with 7 gulf fritillary butterflies in it. I feed them sugar water and fruit.

The Edmond, Oklahoma gulf fritillaries must be very passionate because the females were laying eggs on my purple passion vine in November.

So, here it is January and I have a miracle on my dining room table!!

Deeply Spiritual Experience
(Submitted by Linda from Australia)

My father passed away nine days ago after battling poor health for many years.

Two days ago we gathered with special friends and family at a local community centre for our monthly multi-faith devotional meeting.

As we sat in a circle sharing beautiful prayers, readings and songs a beautiful monarch butterfly circled around our heads. It was a deeply moving, spiritual experience..

I had a very strong feeling that Dad was with us.

A Visit from a Mother-In-Law
(Submitted by Julie from the United Kingdom)

My husband and I were walking to the crematorium on the anniversary of my mother-in-law’s cremation. A red admiral butterfly seemed to follow us for most of the journey. At first we thought it was a strange coincidence that there were all these butterflies en route, then joked it must be the same one. At the precise moment my husband joked it must be his mum, the very same thing crossed my mind. Continue reading this story...

Watching Over Their ‘Little Butterfly’
(Submitted by Stephanie from Florida)

I was never really interested in butterflies until the day my grandma and uncle started calling me their little butterfly. My uncle was diagnosed with lung cancer and died when I was 14. Four years later my grandma passed away from a heart attack. Continue reading this story...

Three Monarchs in One Day
(Submitted by Irene from Ohio)

On a single day I saw three butterflies...they were the same kind of butterfly (the monarch). Continue reading this story...

A Beautiful Friend
(Submitted by Chere’)

Thirty one years ago I moved to a small town to go to college. I got a part time job at a car dealership. I was in need of a hair cut. One of the guys I worked with said ‘my girlfriend is a beautician’. That is when I met Marilyn. Continue reading this story...

A Special Visit
(Submitted by Denise)

One day I was having a bad day and this butterfly, so beautiful and not knowing what kind she was, fluttered all the way around me as almost touching me from head to toe. Continue reading this story...

My Angel
(Submitted by Josephine)

I think they [butterflies] define the word "beauty". Just watching them flit around calms a person’s soul!

For the past 2 years ours are really scarce so when I do see one I watch it until it disappears from my sight, so afraid a day will come when they don't exist in my area anymore. Continue reading this story...

Reassuring Beam of Light
(Submitted by Grace)

I lost a son a few years ago very quickly. Naturally, my whole family was devastated. So to honor his memory we decided to release butterflies on this day. Continue reading this story...

Daughter’s Sign
(Submitted by Jayne)

My 27-year-old daughter passed away August 29, 2010. Two days after she passed, I was sitting in my back yard with friends and a large monarch flew to where I was sitting and hovered around me for what seemed a very long time. I'm sure it was only 15-20 seconds. Continue reading this story...

Cherished Memory
(Submitted by Mardi)

The butterfly garden in my side yard is one of the last projects my husband and I did together before he was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. It was a very happy summer for us and a cherished memory for me. I came across this thought in a passage one day a few days before he died... Continue reading this story...

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