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The following stories have been shared by our visitors to bring hope, consolation and inspiration to others.

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A Sister-In-Law Miracle
(Submitted by Carol)

My sister-in-law passed away suddenly without me getting to say goodbye to her and tell her how much I loved her. Within a week after her death, a small butterfly showed up on my deck and sat next to me as I waited for my dogs to do their nightly run in our fenced back yard. Continue reading this story...

My Uncle’s Red-Spotted Purple
(Submitted by Michelle)

I had no idea that butterflies were associated with those loved ones who have passed on before us so frequently until I read the stories here. Mine is only slightly unique.

My favorite person in the whole world was my uncle, my mother's younger brother. We were close in age and spent a lot of our younger years together. He aggravated me to tears at every opportunity. And I was sure he hung the moon. Continue reading this story...

A Visit from Our Bassett Hound, Harley
(Submitted by Doug)

We recently lost our beloved Bassett Hound, Harley, to cancer. It was very hard on my family. He was with us for 10 years.

Just this morning when I was letting out our other Bassett Hound, Mooney, to go to the bathroom, I noticed a black and brown butterfly that just appeared from nowhere flying around Mooney. Mooney had been Harley’s playmate. Continue reading this story...

A Goodbye Gift
(Submitted by Lonna)

My husband knew my love of butterflies. He died last year after a courageous four year struggle with cancer.

The day after his death, as I walked with my daughter out of our front door to our cars, a mass of tiny butterflies first moved together over my husband's truck, then hovered over my daughter's car, then moved toward me and followed me to my car. They stayed by me for a few moments and then like a puff of smoke they instantly disappeared.

Both my daughter and I felt it was my husband giving us a goodbye gift.

A Peaceful Feeling
(Submitted by LaVonne)

I never really had any interest in butterflies. Years ago I lost my brother. I have several acres of land but no butterflies until the spring after my brother passed. Continue reading this story...

A Beautiful Reminder
(Submitted by Ann)

My friend Sherrin died 3 years ago. She loved butterflies so at her wake we had live butterflies that we let go. There are butterflies on her grave flags etc.

Every time we see a butterfly we think of her!

A Sign from Heaven
(Submitted by Carol)

A week before my mom suddenly passed, I said, not knowing, that I only had a short time left with my beloved mom.Continue reading this story...

A Butterfly Sign
(Submitted by Sheila)

On June 12, the first anniversary of my mother's passing, I asked for a sign.

Later in the day at a Farmer's market, my husband told our granddaughter not to step on the butterfly. Of course, it was too late.

I picked it up anyway and researched it later. It was a Mourning Cloak.

I truly believe that I was not paying attention and she had to step on it for me to see it. I plan on putting it in a frame. This was my sign.

Sharing the Love of Butterflies with Grandchildren
(Submitted by Sheryl)

Hi, I have collected Monarch eggs and caterpillars for years. I enjoy studying them watching them grow and turn into beautiful butterflies. I have kept records for most of them in notebooks. I have met a few interesting people who do the same thing. Continue reading this story...

A Garden Visit from Mom
(Submitted by Sue)

My favorite gardening buddy, my mom, passed in the winter months several years ago. The first spring after she passed I was in my garden preparing a special place dedicated to my mom's love of gardening with a special large rock and some of her favorite plants taken from her garden. Continue reading this story...

A Sign of Hope and Reassurance
(Submitted by Cannon)

Recently, I have struggled with trying to understand my elderly father's mental state. His memory is still good and his health is good; yet, he continually exhibits a very changeable personality and mind-set. Continue reading this story...

A Lesson About Life, Death & Love
(Submitted by Amanda)

When a life is finished I have always been afraid of death. There is nothing that terrifies me more than the thought of ceasing to exist in this world. Over the course of my young life, I have developed severe anxiety around the notion of death, and this has been a nearly constant struggle throughout my daily goings on. Continue reading this story...

The Black Butterfly
(Submitted by Lindy)

Reading about butterfly experiences on this site really made me more of a believer. They do come down to let us know "they are o.k.

I lost my dog Zackary (poodle) on May l6, 2013. The day after he was put to sleep I could not stay in my house. Everything reminded me of him. So my husband and I decided we just had to get out for a while. Continue reading this story...

The Yellow Butterfly
(Submitted by Beth)

After my husband died unexpectedly I was crushed and experiencing insurmountable grief.

The next morning I was sitting outside with a close friend and a yellow butterfly came and lighted on my finger. It stayed for a very long time.

As the weeks and months passed I traveled from town to town trying to escape the grief. As I did, I noticed each place I was in I frequently witnessed the presence of a yellow butterfly even in the oddest places.


Colors and Butterflies
(Submitted by Mia)

Although always having been a very spiritual and faith-filled person, it's hard to imagine or make sense that at the same time I've lived years fighting depression. I have always found myself leaning towards the darker colors, be it in clothes, furniture, cars, you name it.

Please let me tell you that at the age now of 61, something happened about a month or so ago that to another person may sound very, very trivial. But, I 'knew' it wasn't the case for me. Continue reading this story...

The Beginning of Spring
(Submitted by Faith)

Butterflies to me mean the beginning of spring and that it’s time to start my garden back up.

Calming and Beautiful
(Submitted by Lindy)

All of us remember those childhood summer days spent watching butterflies.

In my case it was a monarch landing on my fishing pole when I was 13 after my father died. Fluttering its wings, it remained there until I caught a fish. It was almost like it knew the pole should be calm, and then the fish would bite. Continue reading this story...

A Sign from Heaven
(Submitted by Jennifer in Indiana)

My mother died of pancreatic cancer one year ago today (March 5). She battled with the disease for 18 months before it took her.

She was an extremely religious and spiritual person. We all knew she was going to Heaven. During those 18 months, we had the gift of long conversations, sharing, laughing and crying. Continue reading this story...

A Butterfly's Message
(Submitted by Pat in Georgia)

I visited your website for the first time tonight, trying to more specifically identify a butterfly I have had in my mind for over 15 years (black with blue on its back end).

It came to visit one day while I was working on a sensor light over my patio. Continue reading this story...

Butterfly Souls
(Submitted by Sheila)

My daughter Karen lost her nigh on 7 year long fight against breast cancer on 24th April this year.

We as a family have always believed that butterflies were the souls of our dear departed coming back to assure us everything was all right. Continue reading this story...

Blanchie's Story
(Submitted by Rose)

We knew we wouldn't have our lovely doggie Blanchie forever and after nursing her for weeks I knew it was time for her to go in a peaceful way and not wait until her condition had deteriorated any further.

So I prepared all day Thursday and Friday to be with her, play piano for her and just massage and hold her. Continue reading this story...

Butterfly Visits
(Submitted by Donna)

Hi. I am interested in learning more about the butterfly symbolism etc. I have personally experienced two unique but similar butterfly "visits" at the exact time of the burials of a relative and of a pet.

I am sure it's more than coincidence, and am intrigued to find out more about the "soul connection". Any information will be appreciated. Thanks


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