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The following stories have been shared by our visitors to bring hope, consolation and inspiration to others.

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A Butterfly Poem
(Submitted by Jennine)

Butterflies are beautiful, they make you feel so calm
As they flutter by your face, or land upon your arm!
Butterflies are magical, as they entrance you with their charm
They make you feel much better, and they will not do you harm!
Butterflies can help you, feel at peace with one
And make you feel some happiness, when you are feeling glum!
Butterflies can aide you, when you're feeling numb
Watch, and be at peace with them, it really does help some!

Butterflies are really, a wondrous creation, symbolizing freedom, love and celebration! 

The Butterfly Effect
(Submitted by Paula)

In my psychotherapy practice and in my blog, I hope that the "butterfly effect" is taking place. The idea that if I am able to help one person feel better, healthier or have a better attitude that they may pass on something good to the next person, and eventually we are improving the world. Continue reading this story...

Butterfly Reminders
(Submitted by Regina from Mississippi)

My mother passed away in April of this year.

Right after she passed away I was in my back yard and a butterfly came up on my back patio. For some reason this brought comfort to me and reminded me of my mom. Continue reading this story...



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