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The following stories have been shared by our visitors to bring hope, consolation and inspiration to others.

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Peace Came Over Me
(Submitted by Jocelyn)

My Aunt passed away early yesterday morning. Later that day I had a meeting at work (I'm a teacher). I walked outside to the other side of campus because the weather is beautiful right now. As I was walking my Aunt came to mind and this little butterfly flew up. The butterfly flew right by me as I walked. I had this peace come over me about my aunt. I talked to her for a little bit and as I finished the little butterfly flew away!


Symbols of Freedom
(Submitted by Tosha)

Many years ago after divorcing from an emotionally abusive marriage I had a butterfly tattooed on my left shoulder blade to symbolize freedom, positive change and emergence into my new life. I have always thought of butterflies in this way since. Continue reading this story...


Mom Visiting as Butterfly
(Submitted by Helen)

The week of July 25th 2016 is where my story began with a yellow/black butterfly that seemed to be circling me as I sat on my back deck. As soon as I would go out there the butterfly would come right to me. I began to say "good morning momma" referring to the butterfly being my mother (who passed in 2010) visiting me. Continue reading this story...


Butterflies and Psychology
(Submitted by Lucy)

My dream is to become a psychologist. When I was reading some books about psychology I was curious about why all the books cover had a picture of some butterflies. So I started to search on the Internet. Then I found out that butterflies have a meaning of soul and the lightness of being. Thus, butterfly is a dream to me, I guess…

Baby Girl and Butterflies
(Submitted by Jennifer in Pennsylvania)

I lost my baby girl at 8 months of age to heart disease. When she was alive her favorite toys had butterflies on them. Before we knew she was sick, I had dressed her up as a caterpillar for Halloween. Now I believe that she sends me butterflies to remind me she is always with me. Continue reading this story...


Two Angels
(Submitted by Mary Ann in California)

After the passing of my great-niece in 2012, from colon cancer at age 28, I began seeing an orange butterfly in my back yard. Days later my sister, the grandmother of my great-niece, began seeing butterflies. I thought to myself, “I need to google the symbolic meaning of the butterfly.” I found that it means “resurrection, our souls, the passing of a loved one” --- so I shared this with my sister. Continue reading this story...


Greetings from Loved Ones
(Submitted by Jennifer)

The week my mother died, we were sitting in the garden. She had battled cancer for a year and while her body was weak and failing, her mind was sharp. She was 66 years young and on this day, she sat with me and my family not saying much. It was early August and there was beautiful sunshine. She had not been engaged in the discussion and in fact seemed to be distracted with her focus elsewhere. Continue reading this story...


A Father's Yellow Butterfly
(Submitted by Brandi in South Carolina)

After my father passed away from congestive heart failure in August of 2013, we drove to his hometown in Georgia where he was to be interred. I felt overwhelming grief and prayed to God to help me to have hope. I looked out of the car window about that time and I noticed yellow butterflies all along the roadside, but it did not seem a very uncommon a site for that time of year (though I had not noticed this kind of thing previous to his death). Continue reading this story...


Message to Save Monarchs
(Submitted by Rodney in Missouri)

Two months ago a Broadleaf weed started to pop up all over my hay fields and pastures-- I happen to be blessed with a large farm in Missouri--- but I didn’t know what it was and had never seen it there before. Continue reading this story...


Sister's Presence at Wedding
(Submitted by Sherry in Washington)

The joyous day of my nephew Brian's wedding had arrived. The heavy meaning of new lives beginning and those departed was on the forefront of my mind. Brian had met the perfect girl just two years earlier and my sister knew it. Back then, she quietly said to family members "I wonder if they will get married?" Continue reading this story...


Gifts from a Friend
(Submitted by Roberta in California)

About two weeks after my dear friend Joann passed away, I was sitting in my garden and saw a beautiful Monarch butterfly. It fed on my two Milkweed plants and stayed long enough for me to take many pictures. It left and I went inside to tell my husband. We went back outside and there it was again! My husband was able to see it, and he took even more pictures. I felt a sense of joy and awe to see the Monarch in my garden. Continue reading this story...


Sweet Mother's Spirit
(Submitted by Merry in Florida)

My mother LOVED butterflies. Her clothes, jewelry and her home exemplifies her love for them.

She recently passed away. We were very close. She passed at her home. After laying with her for a while during her for the last time on earth, I went outside to her back porch. My husband followed me out. A short time after we were on the porch, the most beautiful butterfly came floating by. Continue reading this story...


A Little Message of Love
(Submitted by Autumn in Tennessee)

Five years ago I started my journey of recovery. About a year ago, a dear program friend and I were spending the day at a nearby lake. During a particular spiritual conversation, two white butterflies began to flutter around us. Over the past year, I began to notice butterflies everywhere and would feel a profound connection to how they played a part in my spiritual journey of recovery. Continue reading this story...


Son's Spirit in Tiger Swallowtail
(Submitted by Michele)

My 28 year old son was killed this past winter on the job as a first responder. He gave his life saving someone else's. We know he is in heaven, and I can’t help but wonder if it is spirit that surrounds us daily in the form of the Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. From his sister in MI, a former girlfriend in WY, to myself, his Mom in TN, we are constantly being followed by this yellow and black beauty. Continue reading this story...


Uncommon Sighting
(Submitted by Marla in California)

In early September an orange and black butterfly appeared on my butterfly bush. At first sight I thought it was a Monarch, but after taking pictures with my phone and seeing it more closely and knew it was not a Monarch, so I went online to see if I could find a site to identify it. The closest type that came up was called a "Queen". Continue reading this story...


Butterfly Blessings
(Submitted by Coleene in California)

When my 26 year old son passed away I mourned deeply. We moved to a new place that had a park very close by. I had trouble sleeping, so I’d wake up at 4:30 a.m., put on my tennis shoes, and with some music I’d walk in circles around and around the park. It had huge Pine trees and Sycamore trees around it.

During these walks I'd cry and pray a lot. At dawn when the sun peeked up promising a new day, the Swallowtail butterflies, waiting in the trees, would float down and accompany me during my healing walk. Every morning that summer this happened—as dawn broke tons of butterflies would flutter around me. Continue reading this story...


Signs from Jake the Dog
(Submitted by Kelly in Florida)

I recently suffered the biggest loss of my life when my Yorkie, Jake, lost his battle with kidney disease. He was everything to me --- my best friend and the son I will never have. I wish I could have saved him, but the vet did everything she could and inevitably the day came that I had to put him down and send him to the Rainbow Bridge. I was blessed to have 11 amazing years with the little guy. Continue reading this story...


Butterflies from Grandma
(Submitted by Elizabeth in Utah)

My grandma passed away when I was 10. My mom, grandma, sister and I were very close when she died and the death was especially hard on my mom. My grandma's favorite color was mauve, everything in her house was mauve, and a couple weeks after her funeral we saw a mauve rose pop up out in our backyard. We had never planted flowers and had never seen a rose back there. Continue reading this story...


Remembering Rozie the Dog
(Submitted by Vivien in Texas)

The other day, my dog of many years started showing signs of sickness. She was old, and the sickness hit her very hard and very quickly. My mother and I were driving her to the vet when the strangest thing happened -- In the middle of the road it looked like there was a Clouded Sulphur butterfly, and it nearly flew in the car through my open window.

Instead, it fluttered near the window opening for about 7 seconds before we parted our ways. Continue reading this story...


Blue Passion Flowers
(Submitted by Traci in Texas)

We were at Caddo Mills Lake in Texas for my son's 9th birthday party when our attention was suddenly all on a little tiny butterfly. My 5 year old daughter was running and hopping around, chasing this little butterfly. To everyone's amazement this tiny butterfly allowed my daughter to catch it not only once, but twice. Continue reading this story...


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