Picture of a Female Bronze Copper Butterfly

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Bronze Copper (Lycaena hyllus)

The upper and lower sides of the Bronze Copper butterfly wing give these amazing creatures two distinct personalities. The bright yellow orange flash on the top side of the wing is artfully accented with black spots on the upper half of the wing and dominated by large swatches of black on the bottom half. The wing is given its form and shape by the subtle black and thin white stripes outlining the rich colors of the butterfly. The underside of the Bronze Copper butterfly wing is much more muted; the mirrored inverse of the upper wing, featuring a palette of glistening grayish white spotted with black and outlined in lines of lively orange with subtle black accents. Stunning and elegant, the Bronze Copper butterfly is easy to identify and a welcome visitor to your garden.

Family: Gossamer Wing (Lycaenidae)

Subfamily: Copper (Lycaeninae)

Average Wingspan: 1 1/4" - 2"

Habitat: Wet areas, river banks, meadows, swamps

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Butterfly Flight Range Map

Bronze Copper Flight Range Map

Photo Credits:
Female (closed wing) - Fred Miller

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