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Life Cycle of Butterflies

Red Admiral caterpillar
Red Admiral chrysalis (pupa)

Red Admiral (Vanessa atalanta)

The Red Admiral is an admired butterfly, popular in much of North America, Asia, and Europe. This butterfly enjoys many types of environments and has a strong affinity to flowers. The males are territorial and many times can be found in the same location day to day. The undersides of the wings are a mottled brown and tan with a curved bright red color on the upper side of the brown/black wings. Although a quick flier, this beauty is a more docile butterfly, it tends to be a friendly visitor in gardens.

Family: Brush-footed Butterfly (Nymphalidae)

Subfamily: True Brushfoot (Nymphalinae)

Average Wingspan: 1 3/4" - 3"

Habitat: Streamsides, fields, parks, gardens

Plants That Attract This Butterfly

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Butterfly Flight Range Map

Red Admiral Flight Range Map

Photo Credits:
Open wing - Fred Miller
Closed wing - Fred Miller
Caterpillar - Fred Miller
Chrysalis - Fred Miller

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