Summer Azure Butterfly

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Summer Azure Butterfly

Summer Azure (Celastrina neglecta)

The Summer Azure is a beautiful light blue butterfly that is enjoyable to watch as it flutters up and down among the plants. They are some of the smallest butterflies in North America. As caterpillars, they have a symbiotic relationship with ants. While the caterpillars supply the ants with a sweet sugary substance from their abdomens, the ants protect the caterpillars from possible predators. This delicate little visitor would be a perfect guest in your gardens.

Family: Gossamer Wing (Lycaenidae)

Subfamily: Blue (Polyommatinae)

Average Wingspan: 1" - 1 1/4"

Habitat: Woodland areas, wet marshes, fields

Similar To: Eastern Tailed-Blue , Spring Azure

Plants That Attract This Butterfly

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Butterfly Flight Range Map

Summer Azure Flight Range Map

Photo Credits:
Female (open wing) - Kelsey Miller
Male (closed wing) - Regina Cutter Edwards

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