Articles - Information About Butterflies, Caterpillars & Plants 

July 2009
AlphidsWhat are all these Insects?
by Regina Cutter Edwards
Butterfly gardens are not just for butterflies. Along with caterpillars, many other types of insects will visit. It's all part of nature. See photos of insects you may find.

June 2009
PollinatorPollination and Flowers
by Regina Cutter Edwards
Our entire ecosystem depends on them.  Find out why and how we can help.

May 2009
Coneflower and Red-spotted PurplePerfect Flowers for Butterfly Gardens
by Regina Cutter Edwards
The key to having a successful butterfly garden is planning - and planting the right flowers. Regina will help you learn how to pick the perfect flowers for your butterfly garden.

April 2009
SoilSoil: The Perfect Foundation
by Regina Cutter Edwards
Soil is the foundation of any garden and is very important to having a successful butterfly garden. People often plant gardens without a thought as to whether the soil can sustain the life that is being put there.  
Learn about the importance of soil 

March 2009
Milkweed PodsMilkweed - Beautiful In the Eye of the Beholder
by Regina Cutter Edwards
There are many who think these once common plants are absolutely magnificent - and they just can't live without them. 
Find out why these jewels of nature are so important 

February 2009
American SnoutIdentify Butterfly Families
by Regina Cutter Edwards
When you see a beautiful or unique butterfly do you wonder, "What kind of butterfly is that?"
Learn helpful tips to identify butterflies

January 2009
Chickweed Geometer Moth AntennaeThe Difference Between Moths and Butterflies
by Regina Cutter Edwards
You may think the differences are obvious but it's not always easy to tell a moth from a butterfly. This month's article provides a few clues that may help. Explore the similarities and differences between moths and butterflies (photos included).

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