2008 Articles - Information About Butterflies, Caterpillars & Plants

December 2008
Hackberry Emperor Butterfly - Eye PictureDiscovering the Body of Butterflies
by Regina Cutter Edwards
Learn all about the unique characteristics of a butterfly's body, why they are like no other creatures in the world and are often called 'flying gems'... Read about the Body of Butterflies (Photos included)

November 2008
Black Swallowtail Egg PictureThe Mysteries of Life
by Regina Cutter Edwards
Butterflies go through four stages in life that are considered to be great mysteries. They are real survivors even with life's many twists and turns. Read how butterflies adapt and make it though unimaginable obstacles. (Photos included)

October 2008
Common Buckeye Butterfly PictureMigration - A Rhythm in Nature
by Regina Cutter Edwards
A living organism does not wake up one day and think that today is the day to take a journey. It is not that simple. Migration is a rhythm in nature. It is a pattern that is repeated time and time again, year after year. Read about the phenomenon of migration

September 2008
Male Monarch Butterfly PictureMonarchs: Celebrating Royalty
by Regina Cutter Edwards
There is no butterfly superior to the Monarch butterfly (Danaus plexippus). It is one of the most well known butterflies in the world, as well as most dispersed. It is common in North, Central, and South America, as well as in Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Hawaii, other Pacific Islands, Asia, Ireland, and southern Spain. There are many reasons why the Monarch "rules"... Read entire article


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