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Do you know your state insect? The state insect for Gardens With Wings (Kentucky) is the Viceroy ButterflySee if your state insect is a butterfly


Are you finding strange little shapes like these on your plants?

Butterfly Eggs and Host Plants
Find out what they are


Do you know the 4 basics of Butterfly Gardens?

 Basics of Butterfly Gardens
Learn more

Here's looking at you...

 Whose eye is this? Do you recognize thi eye?   More about these eyes

Do you know the names of the butterflies whose markings are shown below? Hint: They are the same as two common forms of punctuation.

Form of punctuation Form of puntuation    See the answer

Do you know which one is the male and which is the female Monarch Butterfly?

Male or Female Monarch Butterfly? Male or Female Monarch Butterfly?    Learn how to tell them apart




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