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All but 9 states in the United States have officially designated state insects. The following is a list of states that include butterflies as their state insect.

State Butterfly
Alabama Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Arizona Two-Tailed Swallowtail
Arkansas Diana Fritillary
California California Dogface
Colorado Colorado Hairstreak
Delaware Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Florida Zebra Longwing
Georgia Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Hawaii Pulelehua
Idaho Monarch
Illinois Monarch
Kentucky Viceroy
Maryland Baltimore Checkerspot
Minnesota Monarch
Mississippi Spicebush
Montana Mourning Cloak
New Hampshire Karner Blue
New Mexico Sandia Hairstreak
North Carolina Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Oklahoma Black Swallowtail
Oregon Oregon Swallowtail
South Carolina Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
Tennessee Zebra Swallowtail
Texas Monarch
Vermont Monarch
Virginia Eastern Tiger Swallowtail
West Virginia Monarch


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