Greetings from Loved Ones
(Submitted by Jennifer)

The week my mother died, we were sitting in the garden. She had battled cancer for a year and while her body was weak and failing, her mind was sharp. She was 66 years young and on this day, she sat with me and my family not saying much. It was early August and there was beautiful sunshine. She had not been engaged in the discussion and in fact seemed to be distracted with her focus elsewhere.

hen suddenly she announced with confidence, "My family, it's time. I thank you and I thank my doctors, but it's time now." Then she gazed out towards the sky and said, "I can see my Mom and I see Jim's [her husband, my Dad] Dad. They are on a train coming towards me [both had been deceased for years].... and there are all of these butterflies!"

I never heard of the meaning / suggested meaning of butterflies before now. However, they do appear in strange places as if to send me a greeting from the loved ones we can't see physically.

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