A Visit from Our Bassett Hound, Harley
(Submitted by Doug)

We recently lost our beloved Bassett Hound, Harley, to cancer. It was very hard on my family. He was with us for 10 years.

Just this morning when I was letting out our other Bassett Hound, Mooney, to go to the bathroom, I noticed a black and brown butterfly that just appeared from nowhere flying around Mooney. Mooney had been Harley’s playmate.

This butterfly seemed to come down to Mooney’s face and just kind of hover there as if to say hello to his buddy. Then he landed by me as I stood there. He opened his wings and just sat there as if he was trying to tell me everything was ok.

The butterfly then started to fly around and he fly over to a chimney where Harley, Mooney and I used to sit at night and burn wood and kind of just relax together.

This butterfly then flew around the yard where Harley used to play and then flew back towards me. I put out my hand and it flew to it. I was hoping that maybe it would land in my hand. It did come up to me very close and just hover there.

It landed again by me as I sat there and it stayed with me for about 10 minutes. Then it took off and circled around me a couple of times as if it was saying goodbye. I watched it as it flew away into the sky. 

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