Butterfly Bush (Buddleia spp.)

This fabulous bush has a variety of colors for added beauty to any garden. It is a perfect centerpiece or as a stand-alone feature. The Butterfly Bush is easy to care for, simply prune in the spring before leaves have grown and add a slow release fertilizer. Be sure to water if the plant is receiving less than one inch of water a week, and every two years add a little lime. Planted in full sun, this bush will produce plumes of small flowers that butterflies will adore.

Attracts: Black SwallowtailGiant SwallowtailMonarchPainted LadyPipevine SwallowtailQueenQuestion MarkRed AdmiralRed-spotted PurpleZebra LongwingZebra SwallowtailSpicebush SwallowtailEastern Tiger SwallowtailVariegated FritillaryViceroyEastern CommaGulf FritillaryMourning CloakAnise Swallowtail,  and more

Color(s): White, purples, yellow

Sun Exposure: Sun

Soil: Well drained, moist, fertile

Average Height: 4 ft. - 15 ft.

Average Spread: 4 ft. - 20 ft.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 5 - 9

Note: Considered invasive in certain states, deer resistant

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Fred Miller

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