Crown Vetch (Coronilla varia )

Crown vetch is used primarily for ground cover and erosion control. It spreads rapidly in sunny areas and can be seen most often along roadsides and open fields.

Crown Vetch can survive in a variety of environmental conditions including drought and rocky dry area, but is not tolerant of shade.

It may be planted in gardens as an ornamental, but caution should be taken since it is considered an invasive plant in many parts of North America.

The Crown Vetch has a long creeping stem and pea-like flowers ranging in color from pink, rose or lilac. Its blooming season is May through August with seeds maturing in September.

Attracts: Crossline SkipperBaltimore CheckerspotEastern Tailed-BlueGray Hairstreak Orange SulphurWild Indigo DuskywingSouthern CloudywingDelaware SkipperClouded Sulphur,  and more

Color(s): white, pink, purple flowers

Sun Exposure: Part to full sun

Soil: Fertile loamy, and moist soil

Average Height: 18 in. - 24 in.

Average Spread: Ground cover

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 4 - 9

Note: Primary used for erosion control, can be invasive

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