Curled dock (Rumex crispus)

This plant is a tough little perennial that grows in a rosette form with wavy leaves that are 6-12 inches long. They are low growing but the flowering stem reaches up to 4 ½ feet. The flowers begin as a yellow-green color and dry to a deep brick red when they begin to seed. The seeds are heart shaped and covered with a casing that allows them to attach to animal fur and float in water. This is the primary form of seed dispersal. Curled Dock is tough to remove after the long yellow-orange taproot has matured, so home gardens may not be the best location for this beauty. A great home for this host plant would be in fields and prairies.

Attracts: American CopperBronze Copper,  and more

Color(s): Yellow-green

Sun Exposure: Sun or partial

Soil: Rich, moist

Average Height: Low, flowering stem up to 4.5 ft.

Average Spread: Rosette with 6 - 12 in leaves

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 2 - 10

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