Flowering Dogwood (Cornus)

(aka Dogwood, Eastern Flowering Dogwood)
An appealing, all-season addition to landscapes, the Flowering Dogwood has much to offer. It has attractive light to dark green foliage turning red to reddish purple in the fall. Glossy red fruit or drupes, ripens from September to October with the fruit persisting until mid-December.

While leafless, the Flowering Dogwood shows off its interesting and unusual growth habit.
The most spectacular season is two to three weeks in early spring when the beautiful flowers blossom.

There are over 100 cultivars of flowering dogwoods with a wide variety of features. Depending on the variety, the flowers on these trees can differ in size and color, ranging from white, pinks or reds. Some may have unusual growth habits or variegated foliage making them an interesting landscape addition.

Attracts: American SnoutBanded HairstreakSpring Azure,  and more

Color(s): White or pink flowers

Sun Exposure: Sun - partical shade

Soil: Acidic, well drained but moist, fertile soil

Average Height: 15 ft. - 30 ft.

Average Spread: 15 ft. - 35 ft.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 5 - 8

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Patty Bigner

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