Ox-Eye Daisy (Chrysanthemum leucanthemum)

(aka Common Daisy)
The Daisy is one of the most easily identifiable flowers. The white petals ring around the yellow center like a broad blooming halo.

Commonly found in meadows or pastures, the Daisy will thrive in many locations. Very popular in gardens everywhere, the Daisy grows tall quickly.

Whether the petal-picking reveals that he loves you or loves you not, the butterflies in your garden will love your common Daisies.

Attracts: and more

Color(s): White flower with yellow centers

Sun Exposure: Sun

Soil: Various

Average Height: 1 ft. - 3 ft.

Average Spread: 1 ft.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 3 - 8

Note: See Shasta Daisy for a similar species to use where Ox-Eye Daisy is considered invasive

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