Passion Flowers (Passiflora spp.)

(aka: Passion Vines)
If you have a passion for butterflies and gardening; then the passion vine is for you. The lovely unique blooms and rich green leaves create a graceful flow for the garden of your dreams. Be sure to have plenty of room for these beauties since they love to spread out and over anything they can reach. Although they do not require much care, pruning and/or tying them up is an option for this wanderer. The additions of trellises or fences will add a nice dynamic to your butterfly haven.

Attracts: Great Spangled FritillaryZebra LongwingVariegated FritillaryJulia HeliconianCheckered WhiteCloudless SulphurGray Hairstreak Gulf Fritillary,  and more

Color(s): Purplish-red, light purple

Sun Exposure: Sun or Partial Shade

Soil: Well-drained, fertile

Average Height: 15 ft. - 25 ft.

Average Spread: 5ft. - 8 ft.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 6 - 11

Note: Deer resistant

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Photo Credits:
Diane P. Brooks

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