Pincushion Flower (Scabiosa columbaria)

Most frequently known as “Butterfly Blue” or “Pincushion Flower”, the Scabiosa Columbaria adds a gentle violet hue to any garden.

This flower is well-loved for its ability to bloom early and often, sometimes with blooms lasting into December. These perennial blooms are nectar rich, attracting butterflies and birds to their sweet fragrant flowers.

Combine these sweet smelling vibrant Pincushion Flowers with other low growing flowers to fill out your backyard butterfly garden.

Attracts: and more

Color(s): Blue flowers

Sun Exposure: Sun

Soil: Well-drained

Average Height: 12 in. - 15 in.

Average Spread: 10 in. - 12 in.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 4 - 9

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Photo Credits:
Diane P. Brooks

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