Pine Tree (Pinus)

(aka Fir, Spruce, and Hemlock Trees)
The Pine Tree is an elegant anchor to any garden. They can thrive where nearly nothing else can, especially in places in need of reforestation to a natural habitat.

In addition, the sweet sap of the Pine Tree attracts insects and butterflies.

The buds, cones, and needles of Pine Trees provide a strong fragrance, popular in holiday decorations.

Best of all, the Pine Tree can live many years as a majestic staple in your butterfly garden.

Attracts: and more

Color(s): Green, Blue-green needles

Sun Exposure: Sun - partial shade

Soil: Acid Soils

Average Height: 30 ft. - 100 ft.

Average Spread: 50 ft. - 75 ft.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 2 - 10

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Photo Credits:
Fred Miller

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