Spider flower (Cleome hasslerana)

These unique and attractive white, pink, and/or lavender blooms are one-of-a-kind. These plants are tall and slender and look their best when planted in the back of a garden border. Be sure to leave plenty of space between plants, they can become bushy if pinched back while growing. They require full sun and a little more care, but if taken care of they will self seed prolifically. An unpleasant scent is not unusual for this flower so next to windows may not be an ideal place to plant them. These eye-catching beauties are a must-have in every garden.

Attracts: Cabbage WhiteGreat Southern White,  and more

Color(s): Pink, white

Sun Exposure: Sun

Soil: Fertile, well drained

Average Height: 2 ft. - 4 ft.

Average Spread: 2 ft. - 3 ft.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 1 - 11

Note: Moderate watering

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