Water Dock (Rumex verticillatus)

This tall and slender plant has light green to reddish green hairless stems and long 12 inch leaves. It blooms for about 2 weeks in the summer with small green flowers on a downward hanging flower stalk. Water Dock prefers swampy areas and wetlands and can tolerate standing water better than other Docks. Many birds and mammals feed on the seeds and foliage and well as the Bronze Copper butterfly using it as a larval host plant. This is a great plant to add to the moist areas where many other butterfly plants cannot survive.

Attracts: Bronze Copper,  and more

Color(s): Green

Sun Exposure: Moist

Soil: Sun or partial

Average Height: 3 ft. - 5 ft.

Average Spread: 1 ft.

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone: 2 - 10

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