A Visit from a Mother-In-Law
(Submitted by Julie from the United Kingdom)

My husband and I were walking to the crematorium on the anniversary of my mother-in-law’s cremation. A red admiral butterfly seemed to follow us for most of the journey. At first we thought it was a strange coincidence that there were all these butterflies en route, then joked it must be the same one. At the precise moment my husband joked it must be his mum, the very same thing crossed my mind.

At the crematorium we were telling the story to one of my husband’s sisters who said that there was a butterfly persistently trying to get into her house that day. When we asked what the butterfly was like she said it was also a red admiral and had jokingly said to her family at the time that it was her mum trying to get in.

Now after reading the other butterfly stories I am more convinced that it may have been this wonderful lady saying hello.

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