Sister's Presence at Wedding
(Submitted by Sherry in Washington)

The joyous day of my nephew Brian's wedding had arrived. The heavy meaning of new lives beginning and those departed was on the forefront of my mind. Brian had met the perfect girl just two years earlier and my sister knew it. Back then, she quietly said to family members "I wonder if they will get married?" I'm sure she was at the ceremony though I didn't think to look for signs. In planning for travel accommodations, I thought it would be great for the immediate family to stay together. Arrangements were made and the house worked perfectly.

The morning after the wedding I was up early as was my brother in law, father of the groom. The sweet aroma of coffee and the morning sun were runners up to just being together and thinking of my sister and how wonderful it was to be under one roof. We sat out on the deck with coffee and my younger nephew Robert came out.


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