Sweet Mother's Spirit
(Submitted by Merry in Florida)

My mother LOVED butterflies. Her clothes, jewelry and her home exemplifies her love for them.

She recently passed away. We were very close. She passed at her home. After laying with her for a while during her for the last time on earth, I went outside to her back porch. My husband followed me out. A short time after we were on the porch, the most beautiful butterfly came floating by. Only for a moment or two, then flew up and away. I have no doubt that was my wonderful, sweet mother (her spirit) telling me it was ok. I have no doubt she is in Heaven. I was crying and smiling at the same time. I thank God for every moment with her and look forward to seeing her again in Heaven. She floats by every now and then.

In fact yesterday (I was feeling very sad and missed her extra more), I prayed to God to please, please help me and also to mother to come see me. I went to back yard and not even a minute later TWO of the same kind of butterflies came flying by together. What a Blessing. I have not seen the same coloring of Swallowtail butterfly on any website as my mother's butterfly. She is very special. Nor have I seen two flying together as they were.

"What a caterpillar calls the end, the butterfly calls the beginning." -Anonymous

I hope this blesses and comforts someone else.

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