Symbols of Freedom
(Submitted by Tosha)

Many years ago after divorcing from an emotionally abusive marriage I had a butterfly tattooed on my left shoulder blade to symbolize freedom, positive change and emergence into my new life. I have always thought of butterflies in this way since.

Three months ago I had to say goodbye to the most beautiful soul God ever placed in my life, my dog, Sara Grace. Minutes after making that most difficult decision and on our way to the vet, two huge butterflies danced around my van for a good while as we drove away from home. They gave me peace in knowing that my timing was right and reminded me that she wasn't leaving forever, only transforming into a new creature, who would forever be free.

My husband and I love to go canoeing and it has become a common thing for him or one of our friends to suddenly alert me that there is a butterfly hitching a ride on my hat. They also seem to like to land in my toes when I float in the pool. Every time I just say "oh, Sara has stopped by for a visit!" I don't really believe that her soul is in them but I do believe that God is giving me a moment of peace and sweet remembrance. Kind of lighting his spirit on me.

The butterfly will forever remind me of her transformation and of freedom and peace.

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