Two Angels
(Submitted by Mary Ann in California)

After the passing of my great-niece in 2012, from colon cancer at age 28, I began seeing an orange butterfly in my back yard. Days later my sister, the grandmother of my great-niece, began seeing butterflies. I thought to myself, “I need to google the symbolic meaning of the butterfly.” I found that it means “resurrection, our souls, the passing of a loved one” --- so I shared this with my sister.

I was so enlightened by God's creation. I believe that I am reminded through the butterfly that my niece is with God. That her spirit has transcended into eternity. It’s sad to say that in December 2014 my 46 year old daughter passed away, cause undetermined. She was not sick, only that she had a crushed foot injury that was trying to heal, and may have caused a blood clot. During her last years of life she loved butterflies and often expressed this to me. Now I see two white butterflies in my back yard. They are always together. I'm of sound mind. I talk to them through the spirit that I have within me. I am so happy to know that my two angels -- my daughter and my niece -- have butterflies that visit me, carrying their spirit of visitation and remembrance. Amazingly, my husband noticed the two butterflies today. He didn't know what I am telling you. I shared all that I read with him. We believe as Christians and we celebrate our butterflies.

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