A Beautiful Friend
(Submitted by Chere’)

Thirty one years ago I moved to a small town to go to college. I got a part time job at a car dealership. I was in need of a hair cut. One of the guys I worked with said ‘my girlfriend is a beautician’. That is when I met Marilyn.

She was beautiful inside and out - always there for me. During the first few years of our friendship I got married and had a daughter. Marilyn who was about ten years older than me had a daughter and she would babysit for me. Years went by...

During these years Marilyn bought a very nice home with a hillside backyard and decided to build a waterfall. She worked daily and during the winter worked, weather permitting, on this out of control enormous project. It was going to be beautiful when finished.

Winter and snow stopped the project. Her daughter, at the time in her twenty's, decided to have her June wedding in this almost finished beautiful yard.

Just before Christmas Marilyn, who never fastened her seatbelt, died in a rollover car accident.

I think the whole town was at this funeral. Her daughter moved into her mom’s home and went ahead as planned for her wedding. It was beautiful that day, round tables with white linen tablecloths and a tropical flair. And during the wedding vows there were three white butterflies gently flying about and I have always thought it was Marilyn and her new found friends.

When I see a White Butterfly in my yard I know it is Marilyn checking on me.

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