A Garden Visit from Mom
(Submitted by Sue)

My favorite gardening buddy, my mom, passed in the winter months several years ago. The first spring after she passed I was in my garden preparing a special place dedicated to my mom's love of gardening with a special large rock and some of her favorite plants taken from her garden.

I was feeling her presence quite strongly that afternoon with wonderful thoughts and memories of our special times gardening together. I was really having a difficult time, missing her so badly.

My attention was drawn to something that fluttered by my head. "What the heck was that", I thought. I looked up and there was a white butterfly flying in a circle above me. I moved to another part of my garden, one of MY favorite spots and the butterfly followed me and again circled above me.

I sat down and cried knowing that she promised me she would always watch over me. As I reached up to touch the butterfly it flew over me once again and then flew away. I knew this was my mom’s way of showing me she IS watching over me and to be at peace with her passing.

Later that day I called our local nursery to ask about the presence of butterflies so early in the season. I was told that it was far too early for butterflies. The kind lady told me "this was your gift from someone special".

Each year I look forward to my visit from my special butterfly.

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