Baby Girl and Butterflies
(Submitted by Jennifer in Pennsylvania)

I lost my baby girl at 8 months of age to heart disease. When she was alive her favorite toys had butterflies on them. Before we knew she was sick, I had dressed her up as a caterpillar for Halloween. Now I believe that she sends me butterflies to remind me she is always with me.

I see them everywhere, and often when I am missing her the most. Today as I was taking her little sister to daycare, I noticed a Banded Hairstreak on my car door. I coaxed it on to my finger to show my daughter. And there the butterfly stayed. It stayed on my finger while I walked to the door, even as I walked in the daycare, signed my daughter in and left and walked back to the car. I was able to take a picture, get back in my car and start to drive to work all as it climbed up my right arm. It flew onto my seat and walked back and forth behind my shoulders. When I parked, I didn't want to leave it to die in the car, so I put my finger out and it crawled up on me again. And it stayed on my finger all the way into my office.

This little butterfly spent almost a half hour with me total. I know my sweet girl is always with me.

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