Colors and Butterflies
(Submitted by Mia)

Although always having been a very spiritual and faith-filled person, it's hard to imagine or make sense that at the same time I've lived years fighting depression. I have always found myself leaning towards the darker colors, be it in clothes, furniture, cars, you name it.

Please let me tell you that at the age now of 61, something happened about a month or so ago that to another person may sound very, very trivial. But, I 'knew' it wasn't the case for me.

I needed to find out WHY SUDDENLY I felt myself surrounded by the most beautiful Pastel Colors, and oh so vibrant. Yes, it was only in my head and yet it was as if I couldn't think or feel any other color around me.

It got more intense. I 'had to' have these colors IN my Space now - clothes, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc.. That's NOT all! Then came the BUTTERFLY!!! Butterfly? To me? Although I know butterflies can be so beautiful, it never mattered to me. I HATE all kinds of bugs, no matter WHAT they are!! But now, I just had to have and to surround myself with BUTTERFLIES!!

I was "food" shopping 2 weeks ago and in short and as I was walking to another aisle, there were all different colored butterflies (to purchase). Well, of course I immediately stopped and NO ONE could have told me that they were NOT there, "for" me!

However, I kept walking and tried to "forget" what I just saw. I couldn't. I went back and purchased several. I brought them home and placed a couple in my bedroom, one in my kitchen and even 2 hanging in my bathroom!

Did I know or understand what was going on with these all of a sudden colors that seemed to want to come into my life so badly? No! Did I understand what was going on with the butterflies coming into my life? Absolutely not!! THAT'S NOT ALL and this is what brings me to this site today!

I was starting to fall asleep in my chair this afternoon and "suddenly," I remembered that I left the chicken in a pot of water in the kitchen sink. I had to get up and needed to put it away. While I was at the sink I just happened to look outside my window and lo and behold - a "Monarch!! The most beautiful Monarch I've ever seen.

It was only when I looked up and out the window that it flew to the window. And there it just rested. I almost dropped the pot from my hands! The butterfly then flew away and I said, of course, to myself, "No, don't go away! Stay a little longer!!

WELL!!! IT DID!!! It came immediately back before I even put my head back down to the sink! It came immediately back!!!!!!! OMG! What's going on? AND, get this! The Color of this Monarch was the EXACT Same Color as was in my kitchen that I had bought at the Food store!

I don't know what got to me more!! I want to say lastly, that in the past few weeks my depression has lifted so it's important to mention this, I believe, for whatever the reason. I've never been feeling this good in years. I can't begin to say just 'how different' I've been feeling, almost like a different person. I know, like the butterfly I feel transformed and not having much in my life as far as material things, I've also NEVER felt this FREE in my life. As I said, I'm a very spiritual faith-filled person but still, what's been going on, has to have some meaning and I want MORE!! I don't want this to be the end. I am hoping that this is only my beginning!

I don't know who to shout this out to and I'm sure some of what I wrote seems crazy, but I can assure you if I am a lot of things, I am NOT crazy! There's "something" going on in my life and although I have nothing tangible to show for it, it's GREAT!!! THANKS SO MUCH for letting me share my story and only a 2-3 week period of my life with you! God Bless.

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