Mom Visiting as Butterfly
(Submitted by Helen)

The week of July 25th 2016 is where my story began with a yellow/black butterfly that seemed to be circling me as I sat on my back deck. As soon as I would go out there the butterfly would come right to me. I began to say "good morning momma" referring to the butterfly being my mother (who passed in 2010) visiting me.

My 69 year old brother and 64 year old sister had been battling lung cancer for 2 years (he) and 3 years (she). Both had been declining rapidly this summer. On Thursday, July 28th, I said "Momma, if this is you, visiting as a butterfly, please take sister and brother (called by names) with you and end their suffering."

On Friday, July 29th 2016, my brother passed and less than 24 hours later on Saturday, July 30th 2016, my sister passed. Shortly thereafter when I was able to return to the deck to sit, I saw another large butterfly, black with a very light, pale bluish outline around the border of the wings, gently gliding around. I have never really taken much notice to butterflies before, but this has given me a new and exciting way of releasing my sadness on many levels. Joy is waiting. Answers are available. Enjoy the butterfly stories -- they are so very real!!

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