Remembering Rozie the Dog
(Submitted by Vivien in Texas)

The other day, my dog of many years started showing signs of sickness. She was old, and the sickness hit her very hard and very quickly. My mother and I were driving her to the vet when the strangest thing happened -- In the middle of the road it looked like there was a Clouded Sulphur butterfly, and it nearly flew in the car through my open window. Instead, it fluttered near the window opening for about 7 seconds before we parted our ways.

Just a few days later, my dog became so sick that we had to put her down. I loved her so. But today as I was walking to class another (or perhaps the same) Clouded Sulfur accompanied me on my walk. It just fluttered by me for a few moments before we parted ways. It may seem insignificant, but it was what I needed. Every time I see this butterfly I will remember my beautiful dog, Rozie.

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