The Black Butterfly
(Submitted by Lindy)

Reading about butterfly experiences on this site really made me more of a believer. They do come down to let us know "they are o.k.

I lost my dog Zackary (poodle) on May l6, 2013.The day after he was put to sleep I could not stay in my house. Everything reminded me of him. So my husband and I decided we just had to get out for a while.

When I opened the back door to go out a small bird(?) flew right up to the glass door. I stopped and thought he was attacking it. To my surprise it was not a bird but a BLACK BUTTERFLY (my POODLE WAS BLACK) - and I have not seen black butterflies in my area.

We stepped out the door and he followed us as we got in the car. He flew around the car and (this is the best part) he followed us up the street. We watched until he finally flew away.

Now that was GOD letting me know [Zackary] was o.k. My heart skipped a beat…

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